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Adebo-green O

Our grilling service includes the following ;

• 2.5 Boxes of Chicken

• 5KG Beef for Suya

• Either 2 Boxes of Prawns Or 5KG of Ribs

• Fish - 2 Boxes- £50

• Price- £600 plus transport (Please note this will cater for up to 50-100 people)

• Any journey over an hour from our location will be charged at £50 per half an hour

Please note that we do not grill rare meat or any other product, as they are 100% fully grilled.

All meat sourced is Halal.

In addidtion to the above, we can offer to

• Grill half a box of Plantain (free of charge)

• A box of Burgers (maximum 50 portions) free of charge

• 1- 2 boxes of Corn free of charge

We will require an hours preparation time before your guests arrive at your event to ensure all meat is on the grill and minimize waiting time.

Please bear in mind that our meat is well known to be hot and spicy, but if you would like us to tone it down to suit your guests tastes, we would be happy to discuss any special requirements prior to your event.

You will have peace of mind with us that we will ensure any mess left over by us will be cleared up after the event.

What the supplier needs to fulfil the booking:
Booking date, Confirmed location and time, Venue details and any restrictions, Any known allergy special requirements, cultural background, what type of event, Parking and loading restrictions, available lighting, Access to water

Suitable For:

Weddings, Kids Parties, Birthday Parties, Social Gatherings, Summer Parties & Product Launch, Conferences, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers

Culture Match: African

Distance: 100 Miles +

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